Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nirvana Throwback
(Fall essential entry #1)

On my latest thrifting haul, I decided to go in there with a plan. Of course no plan ever goes as planned. BUT, I knew I wanted a flannel. I did not care what color it was. It just needed to be the grungest, longest, warmest thing I could find. I thought I was doomed until I walked out of the men's dressing room (for some reason the men's dressing room in the thrift store is so much better than the woman's-- go figure) to see this flannel. I was one happy gal! I know flannels are such a throwback and nothing but a 90's piece for the grungy kids or the hobos, but I feel everyone should at least have a flannel in their closet. To honor the plaid. Burberry sure as hell, every season honors the plaid in their preppy best. So, I take my grungy twist to it and honor the plaid in fall while pretending to be stuck in the 90s. 

A flannel is on my list for a fall essential. It's warm, long (well depends on how you want to style plaid/flannel), and substitutes well as a cardigan. Grunge is always in so there is never no right or wrong answer to this.  The beauty of fashion is fashion is in the eye of the beholder.



Paris W said...

Wow! I just wrote a piece about Grunge, Plaid and Tartan. Hahaha. A flannel shirt is always going to be comfy though.


I know! For some odd reason, I would not think grunge or whatever would be around at this point in time. Then I check my blog, and they are everywhere! I think we all think on the same wavelengths.