Monday, September 5, 2011


[Velvet Dress: Thrifted. Leggings: ?, Boots: Thrifted]

Unfortunately, I broke my camera's LCD today. It was a pretty sad moment, and the last photograph is where it fell off from a shopping cart and died. My beautiful SLR Canon Rebel XTI is now broken. Let's look at the glass half-full and think : well, it takes pictures perfectly fine. I just won't be able to view them beforehand. It time to retrograde into the olden days. If they did it, so can I! Of course, this happens a few days before flying to nyc. F. M . L. 

On the glass half full, 50% all things at the thrift store was wonderful. I got: 2 pair of jeans that I will be cutting into shorts (yes, I am aware that fall is around the corner), 4 midi-maxi skirts, 1 faux fur coat, 1 blouse all together for about 19$. Score. A lot of reconstructing ahead of me though. I am excited for it! The last picture is also a little insight of how crazy the thrift stores got hit. God bless the hearts of the people that need to clean it up. I am glad that it is not me!



Paris W said...

You have amazing style, you know. I love the velvet dress!


You made my day :). I appreciate every comment of yours so much! <333


SparksandFireworks said...

Ah that sucks about the camera!! Just make sure to take a couple of the same shots to make sure they are in focus!

wow i love all this thrifted stuff! You have a great eye for things!
Thank you for your constant support on my blog honey :) Means the world to me :)
xoxo Jess


It's a good thing that I have a view finder! I will be okay :). But, I sure will triple take the photographs.

Thank you so much, and you also have a wonderful blog. Your support means a lot to me too<333 bbf4eva (blog best friends for ever) hahahah.


death_sexxx said...

your hair is sick!! love it!

Hayley said...

I adore that coat :) I have a soft spot for fur coats and vests!

It sucks about your camera, but have fun in nyc :)