Friday, September 9, 2011

FNO 2011
[Everything thrifted from head to toe]
[Stores we went to: Alexander McQueen, Saks & Sephora shown in the pictures]

FNO 2011 was an experience of a rush. So many trenday people in their finest best. I (of course) wore thrifted from head to toe and perhaps, spent a total of 14$ on that entire outfit. I picked a theme and dressed according that theme, and this one was: McQueen. I decided the print reminded me of McQueen and the weirdness of it. I always get stares back at home, and I thought NYC would be used to me. But nope, people were still intrigued by the flaming red hair and the odd dress. The good news is that while I was shopping in McQueen's store a photographer from NYtimes asked to take my picture and took down our names. BUT, the goal of the night was to get a McQueen key to perhaps unlock the code to win the encrusted skull key-chain ring. Of course, I lost. But the experience of walking into McQueen's store was amazing. The clothing was beautiful, and the sales representatives were amazing. There were some designer stores I walked into and they looked at me up and down and pretended I did not even exist. It's funny though, because one day I just may have that money to spend and I know exactly who NOT to support. It's a funny situation though, really. Once we got McQueen out of the way (the one I really wanted to do) we just roamed the city and embraced the night. I took a few photos of everything, so I hope you enjoy! 

I have decided once I get back from NYC, I am going to do a NYC Haul! I'll embrace my fear of the video camera and do it all for you, because I love you all!<3



Ruby-May said...

ahh i love the print on your dress, wish i lived in NYC so I could of gone!Xxx


me tooo!!! NYC is a place for us!!


Hayley said...

That sounds like a fabulous night!!
I am so jealous you got to wonder around in a McQueen store, it is my favourite fashion house.
Sometimes I hate how rude sales assistance can be, I don't think they realise that in a few years time we will be the ones coming into their store to purchase their products and help them make their store budgets. I definitely know that if I have a bad experience in a store I would never go back there. I could use my money else where!!