Friday, September 9, 2011

 [Sweater: Forever 21. Boots: Thrrifted. High waisted shorts: Thrifted]

It was a nice day on Long Island. It's a beautiful place with yummy food, and nice boardwalks. After a crazy night home yesterday (our train was delayed for an hour due to a unknown packages at one of our train stations, which they thought was a bomb but it was not) it was nice to feel semi-safe spending the day here. I do not know how many of you keep updated with the news but NYC and DC were warned for possible terror attacks this upcoming weekend. It's the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and it was in Osama Bin Laden's wish list to do something on Sunday. I try to keep calm thinking about all of this while watching horrifying documentaries, but it all feels like a horror movie that you can not walk out of the movie theatre and forget about. It stays with you. You feel the horror and the tragedy. I tell myself that I will be fine and most of this can be hyped. I am a natural over-worrier so all I can do is continue to worry more than usual. I really just want to go shopping at the places I had in mind tomorrow. I just want to tell my brain to shut up and think positive. But, I hope for the best. I really do. It does not help either that we are flying home on 9/11 either. Mom said, "They always make a hype about this around this time. Just go with your gut, and you'll be fine". I will be. Oh man, welcome blog friends to my worries! 



Paris W said...

You're wearing something lovely, as usual! I feel for you though, I mean even though I live in Australia I still worry immensely about people I've never even met. Try and feel better :) Nothing is more soothing than retail therapy!


Have to love retail therapy. Thank you so much, love :)


Sarah said...

i love your mirror and your hair is amazing! try not to worry about the possibility of an attack, it would be a little unoriginal of them to pick on the exact same date the last one was when you're all prepared for it.

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

the color of your hair is awesome!


Thank you both so much!!! That's what I thought too, Sarah. I wonder why they would even make a threat about it!!