Sunday, September 18, 2011

Love me in perfect symmetry

Neck embellishments are exciting. Statement necklaces always bring a pop to a boring outfit. Statement necklaces/layering of necklaces have been all over the necks of fashionettes. This stud cone(?) necklace from F21 has to be one of my favorite necklaces I have found. It reminds me of the same edge that the cross necklaces gives to an outfit. I'll do anything for an edge. 

However, my new favorite styling piece is the pop collar. Instead of pop of color, it's pop collar. Pair a silent sweater with a cool-pattern design blouse. Such as cheeetah! It brings an interesting vibe to the once boring granny sweater! 

Tomorrow is the start of de-stressing. School is in full swing and there is nothing but stress upon me. I plan on becoming more healthy inside and out, and try to start working out...?! I just feel if I feel good in the inside that perhaps, I can chase stress away. My poor skin is suffering from all the stress. But, it's time to start something new. I'll bring you along the way!! Any good tips on de stressing other than grabbing chocolate chip cookies!?



Hayley said...

A great post! :)
I love your cheetah collar and that necklace is gorgeous!

diana kang said...

amazing hair!!!


Thank you so much!!!


Jen said...

love your hair colour and all about the statement necklace too.

J x said...

damn your red head is so cool

Clip said...

how good is your hair!