Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall essental 3: Midi-skirts.
[H 2 T (head to toe) in thrifted]

More and more that I do these blogposts I have been realizing that 90% of my closet is all thrifted. I could not be any more proud of myself. Some people have the hardest time finding things. Where I can walk in a thrift store and have a hand of six items within the first five minutes. It's a challenge that I love to face.

Midi-skirts are so warm. This one in particular is a heavier less-movement material which keeps most of the wind out. They are a bit hard to move in, but the slit on the back makes life a little easier to get in and out of cars (haha). I like to pair them with heavy knit thigh-highs (which has been my other fall obsession) with my thrifted leather boots that I got over the summer. I don't know what it is, but my fall collection is full of skirt obsessions! 

Excuse the puss face too! I just can not get over the cold. Where did summer go!?



Paris W said...

I love a midi-skirt. I have a stunning blue pleated midi, and it's just perfection. You know, you're making me want to dye my hair red again -_-


They all are just perfection!! Do ett!!! WHat shade of red was it?


Leticia said...

nice style and interesting blog! peace