Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pshhh, Chiffon!?
Fall essential #2: Chiffon meets Sheer

[Sweater: Thrifted, Blouse: Some store in NYC, Maxi: F21, Shoes: JC Lana's]

I feel a freak to get so excited about fabric. Chiffon fabric is the most beautiful thing to see when the wind takes it away. I don't know what it is but lately I prefer the sheer light-weight, flows with the wind type of fabric. It's a fabric that scream to people: here I am! Look at me! And that what makes me so excited since I am that loud type of person.

Lucky for me, F21 just brought a whole bunch of these type of skirts in ivory, ebony, wine (the one I have on in the pictures above), and royal blue for only 12$! It's a steal if you ask me. They also have the same material in ivory and ebony maxi dresses. In my opinion, every wardrobe needs an ivory or ebony maxi dress for winter. That is IF you are going to be experiencing a winter tundra this year! If not, you can still enjoy these wonderful pictures!

[Sources:, Amanda B, Laura A]



Czelsea said...

I love skirts like those. They're so pretty when you twirl, and they're perfect for contra dance. Speaking of which, now that you don't work at Tim Hoe, I'd love it if you'd come to one... are you busy on Saturday? :D

Francesca Felix said...

great photos!

Iridescent Adolescents said...



Thank you so much!!!


Hayley said...

Such a gorgeous skirt!
I have a soft spot for chiffon maxis ;D