Wednesday, August 24, 2011

and, obsessions.

I like to be able to support local fashion businesses as much as I can. In the town  where I live in, we have boutiques to consignment shops. Every one has a dream to open a boutique and succeed. However, in such a dead city that we live in that does not happen too easily. If the boutique/consignment shop does not buy a spot by the college/artsy part of town then they do not do as well. It is basically you better put your shop on this one street in this entire town, and if you do not you may be face to face with shutting your dreams down. 

Today, I actually visited a little pink shop called Everything Annie Says...I found a quite interesting black velvet jumpsuit. I was surprised how well it looked on me, and what caught my eye was the draped shoulders. I decided to purchase, and (as shown above) was thrown off by her brown bag. It looks like she has written on every bag with sharpie and came up with a slightly uncreative logo. Even so, you can tell her heart and soul went into wrapping up my jumpsuit. From the most inexpensive consignment shop I been in, a customer can tell that this owner really appreciates every customer. Unfortunately, she has to shut down her shop since it is not on that special street. As I talked to her, I sensed a sort of sorrow in her voice. It's quite sad that most boutiques can not make it. Unless, you put the boutique in NYC, Toronto, LA, Dallas, (any real big city), or that one single street in my town. It just shows that fashion/retail is a viscous cycle/industry to do good for your business. 

In other good news! I adore the print on the thrifted blue/gold dress. I cannot wait to figure out some way to wear that one. And! I am in LOVE with Argon Oil! It definitely makes the hair feel soft without the oily feeling! I def need more love in my hair since it's treated to it's root. According to, it is not only good for the hair but it can be used as an addition to lotions, conditioners, bath water (for a soothing affect on the skin), and even can make stretch marks disappear!  It's rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, carotenes, and squalene. Put all those magical potions together and we get Argon Oil to do all these magical things! Who knew!? In my personal experience, I have not tired to get that dependent on the oil. BUT, I been using the oil for my hair and it has kept it nice and soft. I am making this one an essential to my hair routine..and perhaps now, beauty routine!?



Ruby-May said...

I love the print on the dress, and it's so awful that women has to close her boutique xxx


I so do I about the dress, and I agree. In a town like this it's almost impossible to keep open a boutique. But, boutiques are my favorite and hers was cheap so I was extra excited about it too :(.