Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tired mixed with a chance of floral.

[Romp: Target. Tights: Target. Boots: Thrifted. Blouse: Thrifted. Rings: Forever 21]

I want to try to be able to keep up with this blog. I been so busy lately with work mostly, and when Monday hits I will be back at school << Not looking forward to that. I try to stay inspired to write, but when the migraine from being tired hits blogging becomes impossible. I do not want to see blogging as a job but as a hobby that I love. I love to keep reading up on the blogs on the most popular blogs and the unseen blogs. It's an interesting contrast of people with different ideas, outfits, and outlooks from different popularities. 

Once I am in school, I can focus better on this blog. I think (soon) I am going to take a different approach to fashion. I think my fashion playground is going to be the thrift store and from there I am going to DIY everything I get my hands on! Vintage Virgin has inspired me to start becoming more reusable, and unique with fashion. To be able to create a image out of me that no body can forget.  I figure I still will buy my expensive pieces that are treats to me. But, I want 95% of my closet to be thrifted fashion. It is an awesome challenge I want to endure. 



Paris W said...

Lovely post!

Paris W.

Kate Junior said...

Boy, would I love to get my hands on that Fashion Forecasting book!!


It's a bit expensive! I couldn't find it any less than 60 bucks! But, I do plan on keeping it afterwards. Perhaps, I will do some entries on important parts in that book and how I use them in my every day life! Then, kinda you can see what the book is like and if you want to spend the hefty 60 bucks! haha.