Monday, August 22, 2011

Mid-August Girl..
..Born in a thunderstorm.

Just some birthday pictures that I have encountered yesterday. It was not much of a birthday, because of the non-stop downpours yesterday. I was furious with mother nature stopped me from going to the beach, but then loved the irony that 20 years ago from today it was too thunderstorm and down pouring when I was born. I wonder what type of year this is going to bring me! 

I had to buy myself a birthday present which are the BCBGeneration booties. They have a kick to them that I just can not get enough of, AND I have inducted them into my shoe collection. My shoe collection is very small, and what you see of my shoe collection are the best of my shoes. But, one day I will be the shoe queen! I am excited to wear those in NYC this sept. I received flowers and Oh, Lola! for my birthday. I mean, who couldn't ask for more on their birthday! I am sure more of you can think of so many more things to receive on your birthday!

So, cheers to another year of my life!



Paris W said...

Love it all! I absolutely adore Oh, Lola! I bought it as soon as I could!

Paris W.

Raisa Hermida said...

love your boots! check out


Oh, Lola is def my favorite of them all so far!!
Thank you both so much for checking out my blog <3