Saturday, August 20, 2011

At night I get these crazy ideas..
to just DIY all over the place!

I always want to DIY at the weirdest times of days..
It's usually really late at night after work where I really just want to lay down but instead, 
my mind tells me to just get some of those ideas out of your head and go!
This is called my releasing-stress with dying shorts! 

I have so many ideas stuck up in this head of things to do to some garments in my closet.
I picked up a few things from the thrift store that I need to fix up.
I need to also stud collars, lower hem lines, cut up some jeans, cut up this dress,
just too many ideas with little time.

I love making things my own. 
Making things that no one has, but myself.
Yeah, a lot of my stuff is messy and never hemmed.
But that makes it..from me.

If I am not DIYing at night,
I am DIYing right before work.
Especially, when I am sick of everything in my closet.
My Fiskars scissors are my best friend as I just cut everything up.
It's a small percentage, I'll regret it.

just one of the ideas in my head is now produced!


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