Tuesday, July 5, 2011

There is something absurd about carnivals (especially at night). And ESPECIALLY when there are horses involved!

At carnivals, you must decorate your hands at best. The blood-red ruby is always a must just incase if you have to bribe a vampire. 

A change of shoes is a must. Yeah, your outfit will lack without a pair of height. However, carnivals are a landfill of nasty desserts/pizza/vomit for your shoes to step in. Therefore, a change of shoes will always come in handy. Also, it's pretty interesting when little kids go "There is lady gaga!" No, children..they are called Jeffrey Campbell. 

And I wouldn't lie...that there may be vomit..

Running into the cops is always a must when you live in a hood like I do. Fashion police just can't take my fashion no more.

Don't forget: Carrying your Jeffrey Campbell's around your shoulder shows that you got 'gangs' credibility to be walking around in this town.

After it all, there will be fireworks that sounds like a war is stomping through your city. I was surprised to see my old lady canon get beautiful shots of the fireworks last night. I can't help but to look at the last photo and think of a galaxy. Fireworks are night time shows and carnivals are just absurd. The perfect combination to calm the nerves from the carnival. 

If I ever become a creative director for a magazine or whatever, I would love to take creepy carnival photos at night time when the entire park is flooded out. There will be nothing but the carnival lights and trash flowing everywhere.


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