Monday, July 4, 2011

If it is not fashion it must be cooking.
However, for the party today I baked red/white/blue cupcakes along with a yellow cake decorated festively!
Sad part is, I hate cake (who hates cake!?). Therefore, I was baking more for the guests.
I must say though, baking is a wonderful stress-free activity. 

The tri-colored cupcakes (which is basically white batter that can be colored into  red, or blue. Then, layered accordingly).

This cake was such a hit at the party, and not to mention just looked too pretty to eat! I suppose it's a bit healthy since there is a mix of fruit! Thank goodness that strawberries have been on sale! (haha)

Such a pretty treat to bite into! 

Happy Fourth of July loves! 
Eat pleasurably and festively! 


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