Wednesday, July 6, 2011


A brand new pair of sandals..

..And a beautiful -now created- into a clutch! (I figure it used to have straps from the looks of the sides being torn up. In these photos you cannot see the torn sides). This clutch can be worn as a perfect going-out bag or give any look a more vintage look. I figure this is a nice twist on the very trendy envelope clutches.
I love the vintage leather, and the smell of it. Yum.

The man on the horse stamp really makes me want to know the brand of this clutch. It keeps me wondering. The thrift store is a perfect place to find amazing brand-name clothing/bags for such a little price. It feels so good to walk out of the store with five items for 15$, instead of walking out with one item for 15$. I still have a soft spot for big-name retail though. 

I am excited to add these sandals to my over flowing growing collection of shoes! I had my eyes on these for awhile now. I kept coming back to see if they were still there. I slapped my hand a couple times to tell myself that I can't afford them. Unfortunately, but fortunately the spender voice told me to go get them. Of course, the beige color was out of my size in this style. But, the black was in a size 6. A bit smaller than my usual foot size. I slipped my feet (well, crammed) into these leather slippers. I told myself I like them tighter anyway for the better comfort. The spender voice told me to get them (not to mention they were on sale!) I did..of course. I need a pair of sandals for work. They can't be trashy. They can't be beachy. They can't be flippy flops. They need to look polished, fashionable, and speak loudly (I always need a pair of shoes that speak loudly). I also really enjoy the fact that they have a small wedge which will give me height. I hate being the 5'1 that I am. The little wedge will give me my height, and allow me to wear some height without killing my feet at work. I am in love. I am so glad I went today though, because the salesperson said today was the last day for sandals. Tomorrow will be a new shipment for boots. Yes, boots. Oh, how fast time flies!


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