Monday, July 25, 2011

"No one dreams anymore"
It makes me so angry to watch dreams become eaten by fear.
Fear, and hopelessness meets at a cross path only to become the dementor of the soul.
I hate to watch the glamorous American Dream of 16 and pregnant become the lives of my childhood friends, and peers.
To only think, why!?
It's a beautiful thing to give life to human.
But, it's one thing to rush this and it's a one thing to become harmful to the baby because you want your youth more than giving a beautiful life to this baby.
I feel like I am one of the only dreamers left in this town.
I dream big.
Bigger than anyone can ever dream.
I want to be able to look back on life and eventually have that family I always dream for.
But, before I have this family..
I want to be able to stair fear in the face and to tell it that "I am bigger than you, and you are nothing but a mind fuck. Before I settle down, I will take myself to the deepest parts in the world of my fears and face them. I will become that outgoing person that I never was. I will network with just about everybody, even if they all intimidate me. I will step on failures door step and bang the shit out of the door. Failure will let me in, and test me over and over again. I won't ever give up on a challenge, and I won't ever give up. A dream is a dream. And a life isn't complete until you lived that dream. We are meant to be here on a mission. I am here to complete it even it means crying, pulling my hair out, and dealing with stress.". 
And so the story goes on. I feel like I needed to get something like this out to my blog. I feel the need to personalize this blog. I just want people to dream and never, ever give up. To never, ever go the easy route. Then again another one's easy could be another's one challenge.
Live life by staring failure in the face. It's just a learning process. We will all heal and move on.
Dream big, because we only live once.

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