Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's 90* outside...
...But, I just purchased a faux fur coat.
It's one of my days off.
So, I decided today would be a perfect day to walk to the thrift store!

I decided to think more fall/winter. 
Summer only lasts a good three months here.
The rest is our lives in the coldest tundra ever.

I did really good at finding things today.
I had to put things back because I didn't want to spend too much!
Thrifting is the best sport ever.

Anyway, I also been going with the fall color scheme as well.
That bag on the left is also amazing as it has so many compartments! 
It's like my dream purse of what it can hold inside! 
I was so surprised!

This coat will never compare up to my real fox coat though..


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