Monday, July 25, 2011

I will never give up my leather.

One of the best types of shoes are living in the thrift store's crypts. 
I just love the weirdness/corkiness/ just odd pairs of shoes they have there.
I can't help but to just love them.

These are my newest last-Saturday thrifting-adventure purchase.
They are just beautiful with worn leather.
I love the cowgal yet vintage look to them.
Oh, and can I say HEEL?! 
I's not a real big of one.
But, it's height!
And being 5'1..I will take anything!

My kitty loves leather too...

My second pair of thrifted boots are quite awkward.
There is just a charm to them that makes me fall in love with them.
I am on this search for a chunky heel and edgy boot for the fall.
I prefer black, but it seems as if brown has been adopting me the most.
I enjoy the chunky heel on this one and the high-top look to it.
I think the toes are just so weird.
It's crazy to think that at one point we went through a square-toe trend.
I don't know.
But, I am kind of enjoying it.

I am still on my search for an chunky heel boot. 
I saw it in a thrift store before but over looked it.
Next time I won't! 
I think I want a more edgy look for the fall.
That's what I am thinking.

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