Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrift Or Die
"Your Fashion Secret"

When I found this on the door of a local goodwill.
I couldn't stop to stare and agree any more.
I remember being a teenage angst and thinking these stores were only meant for the homeless.
Oh, how little my world was back then.

Amvets, Goodwill, Thrift Stores..
how ever you want to speak of them.
They are my local art store.
So many fabrics, shapes, and textures.

I refuse to ever buy retail blouses,
Especially when the best blouses are found in these stores.
Want a jumper for a cold fall day?
Walk right into the magical world of ugly sweaters...and jumpers! 
How about mom jeans...or what we call hi-waisted jeans?
A whole rack of them of brands such as JCrew, Guess, Levi, and more!
All your trendy wants right here!

As the recession hit us all,
A change in the fashion world began to take place.
The bloggers created the old to be fashionable.
To reach out and tell all to try it out and open your eyes to something new.
When the dollar doesn't mean much, 
And not much work is out there.
But, fashion is a must..
There is always obstacles with fashion, since we all want the newest designer clothes.
It just feels so good when you find vintage designer for four dollars.

This has became a way of life for me,
And it has became my fashion secret.

Sorry that my posts have been long lately.
It's to hide the fact of my lack of photos.
I been extremely busy working and stressing out about my drivers test (which I passed!).

Soon, my blog...
I will be back to you.


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