Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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Oh my, I am exhausted. Only two more days of classes, two journalism papers to edit, one online test, two in class exams, one presentation/project. It seems like too much for me to remember. Therefore, I decided I am going to become a crazy list lady. Seems to be the perfect way to get everything in check.

I promise, once school is over I will focus more on this blog. I have this little feeling I won't be getting as many hours at work so I should be able to dedicate my life to writing. I miss being so obsessed with keeping this blog updated. Once class is over, I am going to post my December wish list! My work also gave us all 50% off an 100$ order. So, I may do a haul about what I get as well! Just stay tuned ;).

Up above is my project that I am working for forecasting class. It's quite weird since the teacher assigned fashion merchandisers to create an entire line. I feel like I have the creativity and imagination for a line, but when it comes to executing the final product would be a problem. Creating a design is all about patience and I just do not have a ounce of patience. Even though, sewing is very relaxing. #fashionstudentproblems.

But, this is the outcome of locking me in a room with hershey kisses and old fabric.

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