Tuesday, October 4, 2011

THRIFT | The thrifting life

{Sweater Jacket: Thrfited, Graphic Tee: Every Time I Die Show, Skirt: H&M, Boots: JC}

I made the attempt to go thrifting for my thrifting buddy, but nothing screamed California to me! I even had a hard time finding me anything. I had to take advantage of the extra 20% since I am a student. So I grabbed this insanely neon green 100% leather skirt. Excited about the 100% leather and only paid 3.40$. Monday, everything is 50% in the thrift stores. So that is my plan of attack! I basically live in these buildings called thrift stores. 

The funny thing about the neon green skirt the color reminded me just of the popular Cambridge satchels:

Along with the other neon color satchels that have been showing up all over fashion week streets. Therefore, the color caught my eye. I told my thrifting buddy to fold it up as a satchel just for laughs. Since it's 100% leather it is so stiff that it could fold up into rectangles. It's a lovely piece but is gonna be a hell of skirt to live in for a bit. 


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Hayley said...

Love your outfit!
It sucks because where I live we have no good thrift stores :( I can't wait until I can go op-shopping in New York and Paris (when I'm fabulous and rich.. ;D...)

Love that skirt! and it reminded me of those satchels too!!