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LIFE | How to relax list

I am beyond exhausted between the life of school and work. I go to school M-T, and work F-Sun. Can I tell you that I am beyond disgusted with people's shopping habits!? How hard is it to put things on hangers, place things where you have found it, or to pick up what you dropped!? It's just common courtesy. There should be a handbook out there that is titled: "HOW TO SHOP" and if you do not follow it..then you can not com back. /End Rant. Anyway, with the stress of work, no time to do homework that is pilling up, and trying to live life is creating an extreme amount of pressure building up! I am a ticking time bomb. I just know it. Therefore, this blog is my out lit. While cleaning up the mess of the Saturday's shoppers for three hours..I decided to come up with a:

How to relax: A list to a better life

1. ) Keep a Schedule 
            While I am a non-follow-the-schedule type of gal. I have learned to at least keep an active  planner of a list of when every thing is due can help reduce stress. I usually just store all the information in my head of what I need to do through out the week. The end result just creates havoc. 
             A planner is good write down your non-school needs. A planner can become your every-day journal. Write a cute message to yourself on the header of the week like : "Once your pass this week, you are one week less until the end of the semester" , or "It's just a grade. It does not define you". Simple reminders to keep you knowing that school is not your life. Einstein failed at math in school, and teachers would always look down upon him. But, as the story goes he turned out to become a master of science. Life is full of failures, but not one of those failures define you. 
         My master plan for a planner is to keep with it! A planner schedules your life for you! Use the tools given to you to master an organized life style. 

 2. ) Breathe

    Not many of us do enough of breathing (approx 23,000 breathes per day) in one day. Of course, we all breathe to keep ourselves alive. However, how many times a day do you just stop what you are doing, close your eyes, and breathe for a good minute? Deep-breathing techniques should enter your busy schedule! Deep-breathing techniques are known to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, mood/self-esteem problems, panic attacks and asthma. There are plenty of breathing techniques such as: 

  • Mini Mantras – A pause

  • A Momentary Pause – Quick a few seconds breathe

  • Mini Breaks – Minute or Two

  • The Relaxation Response – 10 to 20 minutes, sitting

  • Longer-Term Relaxation – Deep breathing while lying down

  •       Try to focus on at least one of these breathing techniques for each day. These type of techniques could also help manage physical/emotional symptoms associated with with chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Hypertension, Cardiovascular disease. 

        Whenever I look at the entire store that I work at in a complete disaster, I just stop for a second and do one of these methods. It's hard to tell yourself that every thing will be alright when the world you are stuck in until the manager tells you to go is in a mess that will take hours to clean up. While I take these deep breathing methods I tell myself that every thing will be alright. I think talking in your head is one brilliant things that we can do. I once remembered taking a bubble bath telling a story in my head, and asking myself "am I the only one that can do this?". It's weird growing up and not understanding the world you live in. (For more information on breathing techniques visit: Breathing techniques

    3). Lock yourself in a car, and blast your favorite playlist

           Even though classical music is known to reduce stress and make you smarter, blast the type of music that you feel makes you the most happiest. I always love to lock myself in the car with the windows up (because, most of my life is a cold tundra= windows up, heat blasted), and surround myself in this wonderful piece of a metal shield with the best music on. Some times it is just fun to be by yourself. Loosing yourself to a world of music that you dream to live. It also does not hurt to strain vocal chords once in awhile as well. Take a small road trip. Free yourself from reality for just a bit. If you do not have a car, go on a long bus/train/bike ride. Another great alternative is to pick a day where no one wants anything from you and lock yourself in your room. The best things come out of me when I lock myself in a room with just music rather it would be me dancing like a fool or to writing a blogpost. All ends well. But the bigger picture of this is just a way to escape for awhile with also being able to come back to reality at one point. 

    4. ) Exercise / Join a gym

        Think about your well-being for once and awhile. This is a must. Physical well-being is much important as your mental state. The importance lies in this statement: "Exercise essentials burns away the chemicals like cortisol and norepinephrine that cause stress" (How Exercise Releases Stress and Anxiety, 2010). I know a lot of us use excuses to not visit the gym or to work out at least twice/three times a week. I have been convincing myself that I do not want to spend the money on a gym membership. But, the more I think about it's such a silly thought. I do not want to spend money on the keeping of my health, or the well being of my mental state, but I will spend money on clothing? Therefore, Monday or Tuesday (monday, being a holiday). I am going to grow a pair to join the gym and to make a contract with myself. I will buy myself cute gym clothes, and an ipod holder for my arm! Exercise should become an essential in my life. 

        Reward yourself with a loss of pounds or even a toner body part! Throw yourself a party or  buy that special garment you been dreaming about! With every point you loose it is a reason to be proud of yourself. It is hard to think in a right-reason-way-of-thinking to desire to loose weight when you are in the fashion industry (or when you surround yourself in the industry). Just note to my readers: Whenever, I talk about weight loss I am doing it for all the right reasons. I am loosing the weight the healthy way.

        For motivation: JUST DO IT. "The only thing stopping you is you from living a  happier life".

    5. ) Close that wallet! 

          Some times, I wonder if the only reason why we shop excessively is to have reasons to keep our blogs alive. Fashion blogs are a great blessing but a curse. I feel a lot of fashion blogs do speak artistically but advertisers/merchandisers are just soaking up our desire for that lovely garment styled beautifully on our inspiring fashion bloggers. Money is what makes this world work. Money is what makes this world fail. Money is what keeps us living.. which is one sad, scary thought. 

            I have big dreams. One of my dreams is to leave college and to go to London for shoe design. The plane ticket to go there and home is about a grand. I will spend at least three years learning there as well. That is about 3-4g spent on flying home and back. Perhaps, at that time I can find an apartment to stay at while I live there for a bit. But, who knows. But, since I fell in love with fashion retail shopping is what got me real hard. It's so hard to say no to something you want so bad. That is why to help reduce stress I have decided to mostly thrift shop to save money and to fulfill my desire to shop/get something new to showcase on this blog. Thrift shopping not only saves money but benefits the environment. "Recycle, Reduce, Reuse."! It also creates an creative playing field that really tests your taste aesthetic. It feels really good to also walk out of a place to have 10 garments in your bag and say you only spent 20 dollars! Plus, thrift stores always have student days (25%), and always have (example) green tag 50% off, and holidays 50% everything. It's dirt cheap, and the happier your wallet will be! Not to mention a lot of the garments in thrift stores is GOOD quality. These days in retail you pay a lot of money for not so good quality. Just take the time to look. It is so rewarding in the end. 

         Knowing that I have money saved is a security blanket that I will not give up. Of course, I will always indulge in awhile. Shoes are one thing that I will not buy retail or cheap. Some times I can come across an amazing pair of shoes at the thrift store. But, I just can not give up my JCs. Even though now I am on the ultimate search for the next shoe designer I wanna soak up. 

    6. ) Drink  & Swallow up the stress

        Green tea is known to reduce stress by 20%! It also better to get non-caffinated green tea (as a bonus). Green tea also helps boost metabolism, and high in antioxidants = beautiful all day long. Combine green tea with Fish Oil and that is a perfect cocktail for a reduced stress life. Fish Oil has many benefits such as help with weightloss, skin care, Immunity, Heart Diseases, and the list goes on! I used to take fish oil since the pill form freaks me out ( I can not take pills). I was on it for a couple of weeks and I felt great! Just the terrible side-effect of burping fish all the time is annoying. The good does outweigh the bad, and if taken this can result to even more less stressful life.

    7. ) Indulge in Pampering 

        Pampering is a gals best friend. The comfort of surrounding myself with face products! Just the thought of knowing my skin will thank me one day keeps me smiling. Also, pampering is a time to think and could also practice deep breathing techniques! This is double-tasking my friends: exfoliating/moisturizing/nurturing & relaxing = reduced stress. Not only can this be a face party but you can also paint your nails your favorite color or even deep condition the hair! Just the time to wait for the pant to dry / the conditioner to soak in your hair is a time to yourself. 

    8. ) GO TO SLEEP!

       I know it is so hard to get off tumblr, blogger, or face book. But, really, sleep is essential to your well being as well! Sleep is a time for your body to recover from all the toxins/ harm that you have done to your body! Sleep: Improves memory, live longer (sleep affects the quality of life), spur creativity ( the emotional components of memory of dreams can help create creativity when you wake up! ), healthy weight (well rested = less fat),

    "Sleep and metabolism are controlled by the same sectors of the brain," Dr. Rapoport says. "When you are sleepy, certain hormones go up in your blood, and those same hormones drive appetite."

       Yes, I know "I'll sleep when I die" is a popular line or "Sleep is for the amateurs" are popular lines. But unless we are Lady Gaga, or unless we are up all night to create the solution for world peace, we should at least be getting 6-8 hours of sleep at night! Ideal times to sleep are 10pm to 6am. However, all of us have crazy schedules that conflict with what we should suppose to live by. Just try to get some sleep to help reduce stress.

    Just a few tips/reminders to look back on when I am completely stressed out. The holiday season/midterms are coming up..I feel like it is only going to get worse! So (for in advance), I am so sorry if I abandon blogging for a bit, but I will always be back! I promise! 

                                                                           (all pictures from: We Heart It)


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