Thursday, October 27, 2011


Since my beautiful SLR fails me all the time now, I have decided to use my iPhone and use instagram.
 Hell, why not? 

I love this metallic, empire waist, max dress. When I saw it on the mannequin at F21 I just had to find that dress! I think it will blend in perfectly with the snow white background when it begins to snow. My grandmother looked at me strange since she thought I was going to a ball. But, clearly when I mixed it with my flannel and my leather jacket..I would more be like crashing a ball with my 30 degree weather attire. 

I decided to add more dresses in my life so I bought this one and also two other dresses. I don't know where the feeling is coming in but I feel like I am missing that classic black dress in my wardrobe. Also, I want to cooperate more dresses in my wardrobe. It's just a weird feeling.

I feel like I have so much more to collect on and grow more of such as more clothes, buy more clothing racks for my room, more make up, more jewelry..and OH I found my PERFECT boots for the winter and they are Micheal Kors at Lord and Taylor. I just need to buy them..and say goodbye to some money. I am also just waiting for the perfect sale as well! *fingers cross*.

Well, I actually have tomorrow off for ONCE. The one day off of completely school and work in over a month. I am going to go to the gym, thrift, home work, walmart to get more racks, and face my fears of going to a haunted house. There is just something that scares me about people jumping out at you. I try to avoid haunted houses at all cause. But, if this will make my dad happy to enjoy a part of Halloween then I will be happy. 

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