Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Healthy Eats | Tuna and Salsa Bites

(198 Cal, 20 Carbs, 2 Fat, 25 Protein) 

Living at my grandmas is a challenge. She lives on the lifestyle of "temporary food". "Temporary food" means whatever is in the fridge lives: condiments, rotten vegetables, and soda. I can not live on this lifestyle as my waistline would go crazy, and not to mention my cortisol levels.

I take trips to the market daily to get what I need, and have to be creative with how I assemble the food. Sorry grandma, but the package food & take out every night is just not how I am going to live my life.

Being on this diet for a good two months has taught me what my body could feel like if I just treated it right.

Two months ago, I gave up:

  •  ANYTHING with process flour (such as white bread..etc.)
  •  Soda/Sugar drinks. (If I were to have fruit juice I mix it with part water)
  • Red meats, Deli meats, and ultimately try to cut down on meat.
  • Candy bars, (and oh god, Halloween IS coming up!)
  • Take out food
  • Large portions
Of course, once in a while I will treat myself. Depriving yourself will always end in failure. But, once I try my once indulgence they do not taste as good as they once did before. My body now knows what it feels like to be pampered and does not want to go back.

Getting back on that picture above, I assembled tuna and salsa bites. My grandma always has tuna since which American does not have a can of tuna in your house? The cheapest fish you can get! And the salsa was from last night's dinner. I always try to re-use the ingredients from previous meals into new meals to get the use of the ingredient. This was a very filling lunch with 23 grams of protein.

 I know this looks like an extreme little portion as I only use one slice of Arnold's Wheat Bread, but cutting portions takes longer time to eat the little squares. That results in the brain telling your stomach that you're full already by the time you finish the one slice of bread (which is the recommended serving on the package).

Nutrition is starting to become a part of my life even more than it once was. A part of me feels like there is more to life than just fashion. I feel like I am in such a superficial major. Ever feel like we are surrounding ourselves in such a superficial world? Then, I need to come back down to remember that: yeah, it can be superficial. But it's art & self expression, and it's a beautiful visual art. Then I remember why I spend 5 grand a semester on learning fashion in school. I have just been a bit annoyed with fashion.

 Therefore, I always need breaks which means I am now more steering this blog into a journal. Little notes of things that I find helpful in all genres of life. I am more obsessed with the fashion, nutrition, and beauty section. So, prepare to see more of a variety in this blog. I just NEED a outlet, and not be afraid to steer away from fashion. Hope you guys do not mind :).

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