Friday, September 23, 2011

We are singing to the ambulance 
fall essential 5:  Oversized Sweatshirts

Hi! This is the coolest wolf shirt I have ever seen! Funny thing is, if I were to meet a wolf I would be incredibly scared of it! But! I will sure wear this shirt proud! 

I also DIYed a cross on that other sweatshirt. Easy as cake despite the glitter all over my house. I call it the glitter way! Will glitter always guide you to a fairytale life! So, I won't let it get to me too much that glitter is EVERYWHERE! 

Also, thats my cat. He looks a little mad in that photograph. Probably because I am paying attention to the project not him. ha. If only I could find a cool cat sweater, I would be set!

Happy first day of fall! Perhaps, now is when I should have started the fall essential list...but, nawh. I been liking the oversized look. It's more comfortable, warm, and cozy. I like the different styles such as off to the shoulder, asymmetrical, and just regular. It's hard to find wolf sweaters as cool as this (and my friend showed me this sweater in the thrift shop as a joke. It is no joke to me! ha), so this is not an essential. But, if you can get lucky enough then every one should have a wolf sweater! 

Now, to try to do some homework. 



Alex said...

love the dark sweater!

feel free to have a look at my London Fashion Week reports!

Elli said...

wow i looooooove you hair! :D <3

Don't Think Twice said...

your hair is amazing!!! really lovely post^^

xoxo dear! :)

Sarah said...

I took one look at your hair and gasped! I LOVE the red!
I may copy you if you dont mind...? ;]
Btw, very cute sweaters!

Take a peak ;]

Cylia said...

hey girl:) your hair is so lovely. You're rockin' it.

effortlesscool said...

wow, stunning! LOVE the first sweater!

XO Sahra