Saturday, September 24, 2011

I got the swag and it's pumping out of my ovaries!

[Jacket: Thrifted, and leather, baby!]

Excuse the profanity in this post, or the non-classic side of me. However, I just joined blog lovin today. I was just browsing and came across of : "since this blog has no followers it won't get updated often". It made me stop. Think and question. I just want to say, "really?". Is that how blogs do it these days? No followers= no updates? I don't think I don't understand why they would put that there! I enjoy every and single one of my followers. No it's not much. But, it's something and I love all of you. Therefore, that statement on blog lovin is B.S. I will STILL update even though I don't have many followers. This is my fashion outlet. I really could not live without this blog. And all your kind comments just make my heart flutter a little bit :). 

The gangsta' side of the gal who grew up in the hood came out when I saw that statement. Also, I just discovered Kreayshawn..and since when did she come into the music industry!? Have I been missing out? Or no? 



Ruby-May said...

Ahh don't be discouraged by bloglovin!!! I bloody love your blog, one of my faves infact!!!xxxx

fashion suicides said...

Pfff, so narrow-minded of Bloglovin'. Not everyone can be Andy, Chiara or Carolina (Carolina, who surprisingly is dating the founder of Bloglovin', hmm)...
Anyways, thanks a lot for your reaction on my article. It didn't come bitchy :), don't worry. I really appreciate your honesty and your opinion! I totally agree with you. I was absolutely not talking to all the bloggers, because I know they are lots of talented and dedicated fashion blogger! Sometimes it's just unfair in a certain way. Some bloggers just get "famous" for non-fashionable reasons, you know? Anyways... keep up the good work! I think you're a very unique and out-of-the-box-thinking blogger, which I really like :) so I'll be following you because I like what you do and what you write and what you wear :).



Thank you much Ruby-Ruby-Ruby-RUBAY! I just wanna sing the Kaiser Chiefs to you haha.

And, Fashion Suicides..I did not know that about Carolina and that's true that we all can't be like them. But, they do start out just like us. It all just depends on if our blogs take off! May I just add that your comment made me smile love. I'm excited to follow each other!!

xo,k to both of you loves.