Saturday, September 3, 2011

The tale of

[Shawl: DIY H&M t-shirt, Necklaces: F21 & Grandmaama's]

I need to accessorize more, and I realized this when I paired these two necklaces together. A pair of necklaces, bracelets, head scarves can really pull together a outfit. Problem is that I am a bit accessory challenged. That is something I need to fix. I adore this necklace I found in my grandma's jewelry box. I don't know what I would call it: crucifix or not? No idea. Anyway, it's the nice bit of edge I needed for work today.

I decided to also cut up the H&M shirt as well. As a sheer top it just was not doing good for my body proportions. I like this much better. Have you ever felt like a piece of garment is so much better once you have altered it? Some pieces just need your love!

McQueen is having a giveaway at Fashion Night Out! I have never been to FNO, but I am wondering if I should get to the flagshop early! McQueen is giving away keys that could be a key to unlock the limited edition crystal key skullring! I think I would die if I won! And I would DIE if I met Jeffrey Campbell or anyone who works there that night. There are a couple moments of death that I can encounter when I go to NYC in a couple of days! If you are in the city, check out the site to get as pumped as I am:!!!



Hayley said...

I'm so jealous you are going to be in NY during fashion week :(
Also, I am a bit accessory challenged too! I wish I could wear more but sometimes I feel like I'm overdressing especially where I live...I wish I could lay jewelry like the olsen twins but I don't have the resources either!


Bad Joan said...

Love your shawl!


Ruby-May said...

I have a shirt like that, that now seeing how much better it looks on you I may go cut mine up!, love the turquoise boho necklace too xx

Tamara said...

Wow I love these artistic photos, they are so inspirig, you got a new blog fan!!! Definitely following you!!! Maybe you would like my blog too ;)
xoxo Tamara


Yeah, when it comes to jewelry I just do not want to spend the extra money on them! But while working in retail (and 24/7 dressing myself "fashionable") I have realized jewelry can really make a piece. I will so take so many pictures of fashion night out so it will be like you'll be there too :D

Go cut it up, Ruby!

And thank you Tamara! It really means a lot of me as I am struggling to get noticed as a fashion blogger hahah.

loves you all,

Hayley said...

Haha yes I agree, ever since I started my current job two months ago I have begun to wear so much jewelry! they recommend we wear minimum 5 pieces! :)

Oooo please take lots of photos! it will be great!

Lizzie Evans said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, I thought I'd return the favour. I love your hair! And your style is amazing! I'm following you now :)



No problem, love :). THANK YOU for looking at my blog!! So much love <3