Friday, September 2, 2011

so, tell me your dreams.

This is (obviously) a much lazy post. The Lana's by Jeffrey Campbell makes up for the laziness. I just need a spot in my blog to showcase the love for these. I got these awhile back, and just never introduced them to my blog!  I wish I was awake enough to do a bigger photo shoot with them. However, I am on my...11th day of no break. I am exhausted. All I can think about is work and school work. All I can do is work & school work right now!

In better news, Fashion week is next week. I am lucky enough to take a day off school to fly down to NYC to participate for Fashion Night Out. I am just going to wander around the city as a girl with dreams. I plan on thrifting a lot and visiting Jeffrey Campbell's flagshops. I may pick up some creepers while I am down there. Who knows. I believe to spend the most of your money on a pair of shoes then let the clothing be found at thrift stores, cheaper stores. Speaking of thrift stores, thank god for Labor Day (monday) since all things in thrift stores are 50% off! My rule of fashion thumb is: if it's in fashion now it will be found in the thrift stores. 70's flares are huge right now. I made myself NOT to buy them retail. I searched through the entire rack of denim at my local thrift store and got lucky enough to find a pair! Plus, it was student night so everything was 25% off. It's hard being a college student with no money and tons of responsibilities/dreams to pay for!

Next week posts are going to be eye candy!!



Klaudia B. said...

amazing shoes !

Klaudia B.

t said...

Nice shoes!


Thank you both for checking out my blog, lovelies!!! <3

Hayley said...

Those shoes are to die for!
Also, I never got to thank-you for your comment on my blog :) your wishlist+haul at the end of the month was a brilliant idea! I love doing wishlists and I am planning on getting a nice camera for my bday so it means I can do hauls etc :)


Paris W said...

Ah my god! I love those shoes! They're absolutely stunning!