Friday, July 8, 2011

There is a funny story with this item..

There were only four of these pieces laying on the display rack..and I thought to myself: 
Oh, this is not going to sell out. I mean...who is going to want such a shear piece of flimsey material for 25$!? So, I don't need to put this garment on hold!

While, I was controlling garment care I began to see them disappear! Soon, they were down to one left! I almost had a mini heart attack! I grabbed this item not caring that all of the sudden this was a hot item. Then, I  ran to the back to hold until I got off of work.

Literally. I almost had a heart attack over this item. 
It's a beautiful piece. Such, a summer piece. 
However, I have a feeling we will be getting more shipment in of this style.

I am so excited to style this piece! Once, I get a chance...there will be pictures!

Some simple, yet chic ways to pair a crop top with basics! Oh, and by the way that first picture makes me miss NYC so much! Good thing that I am going to try to go to Fashion Night Out this year!



SparksandFireworks said...

I have this top and love it! Actually you have reminded me that i haven't showed it on my blog yet!

I would love for you to check out my blog, i am to inspire through my style and outfits and sparks and fireworks imagination!



You are going to have to blog about it! The top is so lovely! I am so disappointed that I haven't had a perfect opportunity to wear it!

Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I will check you out and follow you!