Saturday, July 9, 2011

I have became a VAMP

Work has become my LIFE. I have not seen the sun in DAYS. Working in retail kicks your butt! 
Therefore, while working in retail I get to learn the ins and outs to the dirty fashion.
I am a fashion merchandising major.
I have not worked in retail until now.
And, I am learning (or trying to learn) how to have workable-yet-fashionable clothing.
I need to create a staple of myself in this field. 
Some times, I feel like I am fashionable-incapable.
To try to prevent that..I must get organized in my head for outfit ideas.


Oh, Doc Martens.
I been wanting a pair ever since I have entered the obsessed fashion scene.
I have decided a pair of doc martens would be a good staple for fall and for work (for fall).
And yes, I am thinking about fall already!
It's hard to wear amazing shoes when they all hurt your feet from running around at work for 9 hours!
Therefore, I need to either tell my feet to grow extremely thick skin or go the boring route of clothing.
Which, for now I have gone the boring-not me route. I am still getting used to it all!
Doc Martens will not hurt my feet, once I break them in, and will always be a rocker classic.

I don't know what it is with Yves Saint Laurent, but I love him and his brand.
I want just one tube of his luscious tube.
And, I wanna carry it in my back pocket.
Blood red must be the color.
I am just THAT cool.

Tardy by Jeffrey Campbell.
These shoes don't look like they would be TOO bad on the feet.
I found out some secrets to stop the hating on the feet while wearing wedges or these type of shoes.
You do this by layering thick wool socks.
I heard it works, and I shall try.
If it doesn't...i'll always bring an extra pair of shoes.
Tardy would be an excellent boot for fall as well.
I am thinking I want Tardy in black.

Hi-waisted jeans! 
I find these to be so helpful in every day life! 
They give your body a much nicer figure and hides your booty!
I am thinking of throwing out low waisted pants and stocking up on these babies.

Disco pants by American Apparel are considered "old fashion"
But, I feel like these are also a staple that must be in everyone's closet.
They can be simple. Classy. Trashy. And booty-licious. 

I have learned that there are going to be those days when you NEED a break from thinking about clothing.
Every morning, I wake up 2 hours before my shift to just THINK about what I am going to wear.
We all need a pair of excellent-printed leggings that STAND OUT. 
What isn't any BETTER than Galaxy PRINT!?
So, yeah..(excitement over)
Even though you wake up in the morning and don't wanna dress in anything awesome..
You'll always have a pair of leggings that will do the work for you!

Oh, man.
I am now eating, breathing, sleeping, and living retail.
It's a whole different world than fast food.
It's time to become retail. 
From head to toe.


(note: all images are NOT MINE. Found on google search. Some are from lookbook, if there is no credit for your photo and you want photo then come yell at me).


nosatisfashion said...

yes, love those jeffrey campbells!


I think they will be a wonderful fall item so I think so to!!<3
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