Monday, December 12, 2011

THRIFT| New in...


[12.96 with 25%]

I went into the thrift store today to do some filming. I left my wallet in the car so I would NOT touch my money (because I am on a super tight budget saving for NYC). However, while filming I found this beautiful fitted banana republic coat, and pony hair leopard loafers. The pony hair leopard loafers is a god sent since I am on an extreme leopard kick and want everything leopard. Especially shoes, and here were these 3 dollar PONY HAIR shoes staring me right in the eyes. I just had to grab those. So, I am 13$ poorer. It's okay though, it was worth it all. 

This week is all exams, and once I am done with exams I am going to be working on my new blog: Thrift Ideology. My plan is to thrift/alter and sell pieces for the upcoming season to make a little bit of money for my saving fund for moving to NYC. I figure this will keep my mind busy since hours got cut for the slow non-hoilday season ahead of us. I plan to begin creating the concept and shopping for the line next week. I feel like this is a huge school project, but I need something like this to oil up my rusty fashion skills that has been taught to me all semester. 

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