Thursday, November 17, 2011

Closet Life | NEED TO STOP.

My thursday night = redoing the closet. I need to stop this obsession of buying things I do not need! I think I am going to start making a wish list  (of things I need versus things I want = to get more under control) and to complete that wish list for the month. Then stop. No more impulse buying! I mean LOOK at IT! Gah. I'll post my wish lists on here as well for the month. This is what happens when I am stressed.

Oh, and my hair SO needs a bang re-do. I been slacking with keeping up with my hair maintenance. I guess that what happens when school takes over. 


Ruby-May said...

after reading this post I think I might make a wishlist every month too as I buy soooo much crap I never wear! Xxx

Hayley said...

I love your shoes! I see many JCs ;D and your jackets/coats seem awesome!

Kade's Mode' said...

Your blog is super duper awesome and cool! ahhh How did you do on your first semester GPA?

Kaylee Pfalzer said...

Thanks! I got like a 3.4 for the first semester. I am awaiting another grade since the professor put it as an "I" (incomplete) because she was so unorganized with her grades and careless. So, she can't figure out a grade even though I did everything and handed in everything. She just lost the grades, and also expects you to keep track of your grades and don't tell you this until the last week of the semester. Be careful, because this teacher is for Ftt 206- intro to textiles. And it makes me so mad because she is screwing with my major's grade. So, heads up for that crazy lady :D. Other than that issue it was a good semester. How did you do?