Wednesday, November 30, 2011


One of my favorite pieces of "fashion" that I own. I am not sure if I want to put it under accessories because of it's sentimental worth. However, it's a ring therefore it IS an accessory. But, this ring was my grandmother's grandmothers. I wish I knew more about this ring and it's story. All I do know that it is 10k silver (if I am reading that correct on the band), and a real ruby. A part of me want's to get the ring checked out to see how much it's worth and when it was made. There is a story to this ring and I don't quite know what it is but it's one beautiful ring. 

She handed me this ring when we were moving her boxes of her life over to her new life (which is her new home). She let me go through all her rings and play jewelry and let me pick out whatever I would like. She told me though about this one, and told me to never loose it. I am bad with jewelry as I lost one of the diamond earrings of a set of two that my boyfriend gave me for one christmas ago. But, this one can not be lost. Hopefully, I'll get a very special jewelry case for christmas as I should ask for one! 

Sorry, for not any clearer pictures that could be a fault of the iPhone's instagram! Do you have any special pieces of jewelry? 


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