Thursday, October 13, 2011


{ Dress/Jacket (can be argued: Thrifted, Tights: CHEAP TIGHTS ripped DIY (well, not really), mini striped body con skirt that no one sees: F21 }

Grandma wanted to show me the thrift store she goes too. I decided to skip class to go with her (which sounds irresponsible, but was a good idea for sure! It was just power point notes anyway). This thrift store was set up a little different. They were selling cleaning products and just weird/ never seen in thrift store before products! Anyway, I looked around and instantly grabbed 5 items. I told grandma to never let me loose in a thrift store ever again. I know people who can search thrift stores for hours and come out with nothing. But, I can be in there for less than 2 minutes and find a whole bunch including a 100% silk blouse, 100% leather jacket, and even URBAN OUTFITTER jeans! It made me so happy since I LOVE that brand! I just have thrift fevah! I love this dress (i call it a dress). I love the way the shoulders are structured, and love the texture. It was a complete win for me! 

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