Tuesday, September 27, 2011

THRIFT | http://thriftingpals.tumblr.com/

Thriftingpals.tumblr.com just launched today! Briannasue (http://briannasue.tumblr.com/) came up with this idea as a way to exchange clothing from all over the world and meet new friends! I think this is a wonderful idea! The idea has became a great success! Dirty Little Style Whore (http://dirtylittlestylewhoree.tumblr.com) is apart of it as well! It is interesting to see people from all over the world signing up for this exchange fun! I would love to join...I am just afraid of my heavy work load that would conflict with the concentration part of finding something for someone that they would really like! Hell, I should just go for it! I'm in thrift stores at least once a week anyway...might as well do something useful! Check it out! Perhaps you too will be inspired to join!



Don't Think Twice said...

babe, following you back^^
im going to see your tumblr right now! I have not got one but i think i will make me one on the future!

xoxo dear!:)


I think you would be lovely for being apart of the thrifting pals because of the amazing things you find!

Thank you so much for following love! Love love love your blog and how you take videos! Never seen that before!

The Annachrist said...

That's great! I'll have to go check it out!