Sunday, June 26, 2011

I need some sort of creative out lit before I feel that all the creativity inside of me bursts into a galaxy far far away.  I am never good with blogs, but maybe this is a promise to keep my camera by my side again like I did way long time ago. Perhaps document some of my wild lifestyle. Perhaps, see some strippers in this blog or maybe even a chimpanzee!

Favorite summer time jean-shorts. Nothing can beat retrogressing back into the future. 

Michael Kors shoes for 60$? What!?? Love TJ MAX.

They are one pair of sexy heels. I went into that store with a mission. I thought to myself: " I miss wearing heels. Oh, the hurting of the feet. The tallness. I miss it all. So I am going to score myself a pair of heels!" I also vowed to myself to never, ever buy a pair of cheap shoes again unless there is something extremely irresistible to them. There is no reason to waste all your hard working money on a pair of shoes that are going to put your poor feet to grief! So, perhaps I spent 60$ on these lovely pair of shoes. So what if the zipper is broken! It's a new trend! 

Cheers to a creative lifestyle of blogging. Keeping my camera by the hand at all times of my life! Sorry if this is a bit lame. I will grow over time!


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